What is the Edgacent Possible?

In 2002, Stuart Kauffman introduced the theory of the adjacent possible – a concept that biological systems don’t make radical, divergent changes as they evolve, instead, they make smaller, incremental changes over time that consume relatively less energy.

The concept of the adjacent possible has been embraced in the business context by authors like Steven Johnson in “Where Good Ideas Come From.” In ecommerce, the idea is business transformation happens by exploring and leveraging the right-beside-you opportunities on a continual basis, not on radical, long-term and high risk investments.

As a digital business leader, you’re challenged with surviving and winning in an ever-evolving ecosystem of disruptive technologies and competitors. Nothing stays static. Amazon takes 1 of every 2 dollars spent online. Facebook, Google and other social networks want to own your sales on their own platforms. Advancing technologies mean customers demand your site be compatible on whichever screen they’re using in the moment, and take no longer than 2 seconds to load.

What’s more, the digital space is filled with a lot of trendy hype. While some marketing tactics and technology innovations may be adjacent – within your reach and seemingly “no brainer” value add to your business, they’re not all worth the time and effort because they are just hype. Exploring them ends up costing far more in time and resources and lack-lustre customer experiences. And we’ve seen countless shiny objects come and go in our over 50 years of combined experience in this industry.

The Edgacent Possible is selecting the right investments that will truly give you the edge and hit your short and long term revenue targets. Our team of seasoned ecommerce leaders and analysts are here to give you the answers, beyond the trends, the vendor sales pitches and the pay-for-play tradeshow floors.

We help ecommerce leaders small and large with vendor selection, customer experience and online marketing strategy. If you’re ready to explore the Edgacent Possible, contact us today!




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